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A very delicate soft blue mineral with amazing formations. All forms of Barite produce an incentive to “go for” one’s dreams without restraint. Enhances friendship, harmony and love. Initiates independence and motivation; assisting one in attaining personal freedom from the “requirements” of others, as well as from oneself. May be helpful for the allowing for release of trapped emotions and feelings, bringing calm and self-assurance to the inner state after removal of the pain. Helpful to both stimulate and cleanse the throat chakra, assist in renewal of the intuitive energies and to provide for communication of new ideas and thoughts,...
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Recipe For A Wonderful Day

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1 cup of friendly words 2 heaped cups of understanding 2 cups of human kindness 4 heaped teaspoons of time and patience Pinch of warm personality A dash of dry humour The spice of life Measure the words understanding to human kindness. Sift together three times before using. Use generous amounts of time and patience and cook slowly. Keep temperature low. Do not boil. Add a dash of dry humour, a pinch of warm personality and season to taste with the spice of life. ENJOY LIFE Thank you to the lovely person who wrote this.
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