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Atlantisite Atlantisite


yellow, atlantisite
Aventarine Aventarine


small green alphants
Aventurine (Green) Flatstone Aventurine (Green) Flatstone
Azurite & Malochite Slice Azurite & Malochite Slice

Azurite & Malochite Slice

slice of heaven , greenish dark blue
Bloodstone Bloodstone


This tumbled bloodstone is from south africa.Bloodstone is composed of green chalcedony and small dots of red jasper. Sizes between 20mm-30mm KEY WORDS: Awareness, Buddha, Grounding, Humility, Prosperty, serving humanity. CHAKRAS: Root...
Blue Lace Agate Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate

These tumbled blue lace agate are a beautiful delicate blue with swirls  of white that enhances their appearance. KEY WORDS: Appreciation, Attract Angels, Meditation, Spirit Guides, Vision Quest. CHAKRAS: Throat Chakra,...
Botswana Agate (Pink) Botswana Agate (Pink)

Botswana Agate (Pink)

This tumbled botswan comes from africa and exhibit a lovely blend of pink cream and grey hues.   KEY WORDS: Amplify, Archangels, Expression, Aura Protection, Celestial, Creativity, Cutting Etheric Cords. CHAKRAS: Sacral...
Calcite (Orange) Calcite (Orange)

Calcite (Orange)

This orange calcite is from brazil.It has a beauitful glowing colour orange.Sizers between 20mm-30mm KEY WORDS: Balance, Cleansing, Energizing. CHAKRAS: Root Chakra, Sacral Charka. ASTROLOGICAL: Cancer, Leo.  
Calcite Clear Calcite Clear

Calcite Clear

clear natural
Calcite Emerald Calcite Emerald

Calcite Emerald

emerald green  , natural calcite
Calcite Orange Calcite Orange

Calcite Orange

orange, natural


heart,  dark orange
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